SoCal Based DSO Leading Growth Through Connection & Culture

Our Best Life Companies’ mission has been simple: to improve the lives of its people and patients. The rapidly growing company has scaled to 12 dental practices since organizing as a Dental Service Organization in 2020 with additional acquisitions, de novos, and partnerships in process, it’s set to double its size in 2022.

Our Best Life Companies (OBL), headquartered in Los Angeles, California, was co-founded by Chief Executive Officer, Marina Hurn, and Chief Medical Officer, Ronald Abaro, DDS, FICOI as a joint vision to create a platform that centers entirely on people, performance, and clinical excellence. Hurn, who leads the company’s long-term plans and overall vision, had these comments regarding the company’s name:

“We did not intend to be so obvious, but it’s not just a name, we truly prioritize our people, their unique strengths and personalities so they can deliver their best knowing it will equal better patient experiences and clinical outcomes, it’s Our Best Life, as in our people and our patients, together”.

From the start, OBL’s clinical framework has been built as a doctor, patient-centric high-quality dentistry model that provides top-down mentorship where dentists are challenged to hone both their clinical and patient-facing skills guided by Regional Managing Dentists. Dr. Abaro, who heads the entire organization’s clinical teams including its Regional Managing Doctors had the foresight necessary in building the organization’s dentistry delivery model and standards to focus on empowering its doctors to execute the best possible patient care. Dr. Abaro had this to say about the company’s clinical framework and philosophy:

“I’ve been that dentist striving for excellence in an organization that deprioritizes its doctors and staff, that’s why in creating OBL’s clinical platform our clinicians have been placed in the center of all we do. Through mentorship, empowerment, and a clear clinical philosophy we’ve ensured our teams are delivering the best dental care which resonates with our organization’s positive reputation and creates great value and outcomes for our patients.”

With a focus on markets not commonly targeted by others, OBL provides quality dentistry with affordable prices at scale. Timothy Vandecar, OBL’s Chief Investment Officer, who heads the company’s M&A activities, finances, and strategic growth initiatives had this to say about OBL’s growth and position:

“In 2021 we’ve made significant investments into the platforms centralization, systems, and standardization which puts OBL in the best possible position for its next round of growth in 2022. We’re excited for what’s to come in the new year with a healthy pipeline of acquisitions and the groundbreaking of a new flagship de novo practice in the state of Indiana which will be the first of our multi-state expansion in 2022. Our Balance Sheet is strong, EBITDA is an industry-leading percent of revenue, and we have an unmatched level of engagement at all levels of the organization.”

The company’s operations have transformed since its early inception as a group practice and centralization of HR, billing, collections, IT, marketing, and other functions has cleared the path for clinical staff to better serve patients by bifurcating clinical functions from business support functions handled by OBL so staff have the capacity and clarity to focus entirely on patients. Wanda Perez, OBL’s Chief Administrative Officer, has been at the center of the company’s operations since its early beginnings where she serves as head of the entire organization’s daily operations. Perez’s comments on the services OBL provides said this:

“One of my favorite things about OBL is seeing the impact of the support we provide. Being able to see our providers and partners obtain success with happy patients is priceless.”

By relentlessly prioritizing staff, patients, and the communities it serves OBL has cultivated a culture of inclusion and connection. Both the business and clinical teams within the company are close-knit and so are the connections they build with patients, as Regional Billing Manager Faviola Silva put it:

“When a patient walks in and you greet them by name and they’re not just a chart number, that sticks.”

At OBL, patients are given individualized care for their specific needs, and any fear they feel about visiting the dentist is assuaged by the calm and comforting vibe instilled into each practice.

This unique people-centered culture is driving growth differently than others in the industry and has spurred interest from independent dentists operating their practices that would like to partner and assimilate OBL’s services and leading culture to take their practices to the next level. To answer interest while continuing expansion into new markets OBL launched its Partnership Program in 2021 which is highly differentiated from other partnerships models in the industry. The Partnership Program maintains equitable rewards from day 1 of partnership and even further tremendous upside for its Partner Doctors as they scale with the OBL platform. For OBL it’s about simplifying a partner’s path to growth and higher profitability by providing the resources and support services necessary to grow while removing common stressors and roadblocks that individual dentists experience in owning their practice.